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Experts In Electrical Estimating

Specialists in Electrical Estimating and experts in what we do

Specialising Solely in Electrical Estimating

We specialise only in Electrical Estimating and we are experts in what we do. We believe by specialising in one element (Electrical Estimates) we can concentrate better and deliver better results. We provide electrical estimates for many years and we know exactly what your client or the main contractor expects from you.

We would present your estimate back to you in the form of the Tender Summary or the Pricing Schedule provided, in Excel format. You will be provided with all the labour hours and material broken into every single item and the total labour and material will also be shown.

We rely on a variety of pricing structures and databases when conducting our estimates. These have been developed over many years and we have the ability to adjust our pricing regionally depending on the location and the size of the project.

Electrical Estimating is all we do and we are available to answer any questions you may have, at any time. Call us on 01273 273 025 or email us at and we’ll be here for you.