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Electrical Estimating Services

Electrical Estimating Services
Electrical Estimating Services
Providing solutions for electrical contractors of all sizes
Specialists In Electrical Estimating
Specialists In Electrical Estimating
Electrical Estimating is our only business and we are here to help you
Electrical Estimating Outsourcing
Electrical Estimating Outsourcing
Delivering quality results on time and when you need us

Professional Electrical Estimating

Ideal Electrical Estimating Ltd is the ideal solution for electrical contractors of all sizes. As a professional contractor, it’s important that you bid on jobs regularly. The idea may be new to you, the concept a bit challenging to your exacting ways. Rest assured though, estimating is our only business and we are here to help you.

You have enough to focus on with your current slate of projects, managing employees, dealing with inspectors, and ordering supplies that you can tend to put off estimates until it’s too late.

During the best of economic conditions, the construction business is a competitive industry. During the down-turns it becomes ever more competitive; which means ideally you should be bidding regularly to keep the work flowing in. This requires many dedicated hours and a staff that can meet those goals.

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Why Choose Us

We provide a reliable service. Once you have given us the go ahead for a tender you can assure it will be dealt with promptly, in a confidential and professional manner.
The estimating world is a fast moving one and we all work towards tight deadlines. We are there when you need us and rest assured your estimate will be prepared on time.
We liaise with your company to deliver quality results. We pride ourselves for proving a quality and a professional service which will make your client surprised with the quality of your bid.
We understand what the main contractor or your client expect from you so we get your estimating done with all the details you need to succeed.

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