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Freelance Electrical Estimating Services

Leaving you more time to focus on your business and clients

Electrical Estimating Services

​Ideal Estimating Ltd is a freelance estimating service that will leave you more time to focus on your business and clients, establishing positive relationships, while you fill up your schedule on upcoming projects.

We also provide a take-off service. You might just want the quantities for a project or a schedule of quantities (SOQ). We would include all linear measurements.

Freelance Electrcial Estimating

Every time you pass on a potential project because you simply don’t have the time or staff to put together an estimate, your competitors are gaining ground. Send us your tender with a date when you would like it completed and we will provide you with our costs in return.

Take-Off (TO) Services in Excel

Our take-off service is in Excel and the format of how the quantities / measurements are presented would depend on how you would like them to be presented. We would normally break down all quantities into, for example, each building, each floor; of course into each discipline i.e. LV Distribution, Lighting, Small Power etc.

Budgetary Estimating Services

We can also provide you with budgetary estimates when the information is poor and/or unclear. This might give you the edge to be in the game and when the actual design is completed you will be the first to be considered by the main contractor as you have already shown interest in the project.

Schedule of Rates (SOR/QSOR)

Every estimate we compile will also include a schedule of rates (SOR) and quantified schedule of rates (QSOR). These will all be presented in Excel format for ease of use and they will be easily editable.

Design and Build Tenders

We can compile a preliminary estimate based on architectural drawings, employers requirements or performance brief, and complete an estimate for a ‘design and build’ project for estimating purposes, although the final design to be completed by others or a consultant.

Estimating for All Sectors

We can undertake electrical estimating projects for all sectors of the electrical building services industry, whether it is a fully designed, partly designed or a design and build project.